Day 2 – Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment requires me to edit my Title and Tagline. Saw the mail today morning on my way to work. Till now I didn’t even know about Title and Tagline, funny isn’t it? My first thought was, that I have to change the title of my previous blogpost.

Even though I had a hectic morning at work, some parts of my brain was engaged to find the perfect Tagline and Title. Blogging is new to me and I’ve absolutely no idea in which direction to go. Right now I want to use this platform to share my thoughts and ideas. One day I might blog about traveling or provide information about weight loss and healthy living style. In other words I haven’t defined my target audience yet, so I will keep the tagline blank for a while.

I am choosing Viennese Tandoor Schnitzel as my Title, because these 3 words describe my current situation very well – total confusion 🙂